Tranquillité Retreats nutrition and food explained…


Tranquillité Retreats and Lifestyles will show you how to achieve the optimal balance and enjoy the journey towards a fitter, stronger and healthier you. Rejuvenate your mind and body with daily yoga sessions restore your inner calm as you connect back to nature and enjoy delicious home cooked style food using the finest local, organic ingredients.

Tranquillité is not a detox retreat, we do not restrict your calories as we don’t want the main focus to be on weight loss but on relaxation and de-stressing.  Low calorie diets can raise stress hormone cortisol. Just the idea of having to limit your eating and avoid your favourite foods can stop people from properly relaxing and unwinding.

Instead, we cook delicious, wholesome meals that promote healthy digestion and improve your mood. We’ve included two of our favourite recipes below. The Tranquillité menu is created to keep blood sugar levels balanced and to prevent cravings and irritability.

Wake up to a breakfast of nuts, seeds, berries, oats and eggs and enjoy oily fish, meats, lentils, quinoa, fruits and vegetables for lunch and dinner.

We use lean protein and healthy fats to assist brain function and ingredients containing vitamin B to sooth stress and support the nervous system. Eggs, salmon and nuts are only a few of the ingredients used that help boost serotonin (the hormone that assists brain neurotransmission). To finish we use fibrous vegetables and fermented foods to assist digestion which helps to improve your mood and reduce stress and anxiety. Promoting a healthy and happy mind.

We understand our guests have differing beliefs, preferences and tolerances when it comes to food, so we take this into consideration when preparing meals and snacks. None of our guests have ever complained of hunger!

To find out more about our retreats, you can  view a full list of available dates here.

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