Meditation on the breath


Prana is the expression of energy and movement; it is the motivating source and power of action.

Prana, or life force, arrives as the subtle energy of air, or Vayu. The five directions of Prana, called the Prana Vayus or Pancha (five) Vayus give us one way to make this elusive sense more tangible, so that we can feel it in how our bodies align.

  1.  PRANA VAYU: The sense of drawing the energy back into ourselves is prana vayu. This practice invites us to look at how we dissipate and spill our energy outward in so many directions.
  2. APANA VAYU: Apana vayu is the sense of grounding the energy and connecting with what is in the here and now.
  3. SAMANA VAYU: With samana vayu, we come back in toward our centre where the tapas, or fire, resides. The circulatory movement of samana vayu, which travels in the same direction as digestion, helps us process and digest experiences.
  4. UDANA VAYU: Udana vayu is the flowing energy upwards, expanding up and beyond. Often we think of it as transcendence.
  5. VYANA VAYU: Vyana vayu is the emanation, a sense of expanding out in all directions. Vyana vayu is this beautiful, equal, spacious expansion

You can try a simple meditation with our recording below. Before you start, find a quiet space with no distractions and you are able to sit comfortably.




Find a comfortable seated position whereupon you’re able to sit tall with ease, aligning the crown of the head over the base of the spine. E.g cross legged or kneeling with a cushion, or in a chair.

Close your eyes and turn your attention inward, becoming aware of the body and have the intention to completely relax.

Be aware of the space your body occupies.

Now, move your awareness to the crown of your head, have the awareness to completely and deeply relax the top of your head and scalp.

Feel the scalp, the crown of your head, deeply relax. Feel your forehead relax, your face relax the back of your head, relax your neck your throat, relax your shoulders, upper back, your chest…relax.

Feel effortlessness around your heart, aware of it beating slowly and calmly.  Soften your tummy, lower back, hips. Relax your entire pelvis, legs and feet. Sense the whole body completely relaxed.

Now bring your awareness to the tummy. Noticing the rise and fall of the belly as you breath in and breath out.

Allow the breath to flow in and out with no force just and effortless ease, becoming more absorbed in the rhythm of your breath.

Gradually notice that your breath is a perfect reflection of your mind.  As your mind becomes increasing quiet, your breath becomes more balanced, quieter, and more subtle. Continue to watch your breath.

As you continue to watch your breath, become aware of any hidden tension held in your breath, body or mind. If you sense any tension, simply relax, having the intention to become effortless.

Continuing to effortlessly watch the breath, feel this lead you more and more to stillness. Just be and watch the breath feeling more and more at home in this stillness.

Now in this stillness as you sense the rise and fall of the breath become aware that in this moment you are whole and complete. A vibrant expression of infinite intelligence.

When ready take a few smooth deep breaths, opening your eyes and bringing your attention back into the room.

You have now ended your practice.




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