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Yoga Kriya – Action with an outcome. Learn to relax and return to your natural state of calm.

By Maria Kelly Yoga Instructor & Co-Founder of Tranquillite Retreats

We live in stressed out times, bombarded with stimuli on what to eat, wear and think, rushing around for work and families, not to mention the never ending to do list. With the average person having around 80,000 thoughts per day it’s no wonder we’re stressed and often feel like we need to escape.

Well unfortunately we can’t escape ourselves or our lives, but we can learn to stop running our nervous systems on constant stress! We have a stress response system which is designed mainly to deal with fight or flight situations but this was only meant to be activated 1 to 10% of the time. With modern day living most of us rarely come out of this function meaning we’re over loaded with stress hormones. Over time this prevents our digestion and organs working properly leading to inflammation, lower immunity and sleep deprivation. Is it any wonder we’re all so exasperated and exhausted.

Remember our natural state is one of calm and you have the power to return to this state whenever you choose. There are many ways to reduce stress and even a short daily practice can have a significant impact on calming your central nervous system.

So I’d like to share a short breath practice that I often use in class or workshops, it’s a simple 4 part breath that you can listen to and practice at any time of the day. By anchoring your awareness on the breath you are able to keep the mind present and experience the calm that is always there.

Listen Here

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Enjoy just being…..

Maria Kelly teaches Yoga around the Manchester & Cheshire area and co-hosts Tranquillite Retreats visit www.mariayoga.co.uk for more info.


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