Here comes the sun…


4 Questions to ask yourself this Summer Solstice

The solstice which is the longest day of the year and marked as the 21st June is a time when we stop and reflect over the past 6 months. The word solstice means standing still and this is exactly what it’s asking us to do. Many of us are propelled forwards with the busy momentum of life and it’s not often we give our selves time to reflect at such length. The sun is at it’s peak during this time and we all know how powerful this mass of light and energy is. You are quite literally giving that energy and power to whatever it is that you want to move forward with and also the strength to know what it is you might want to either transform or release. 

Write down the following 4 journal prompts to help shed some light on your current situation. 

  1. What have you accomplished so far? 
  2. List aspects of your life that you enjoy and are working for you. 
  3. Now list activities, connections and behaviours that are not currently helping you grow. Think about how you can either change or phase these out of your life
  4. And lastly and importantly. What’s holding you back from making a change?

New Cycle Meditation

Another way to check in with ourselves is to sit for a few moments in a seated meditation.

Cast your mind back to the winter solstice moving through each month and notice what you’ve been giving your energy to. This is a great opportunity to notice if this is still what you want and if this is indeed working for you. New cycles are always a poignant time to set new intentions and here we can plant seeds for our future and for the next 6 months leading up to the winter solstice. Asking yourself what you truly want from your life can seem like a lot but it’s helpful to have a vision as it’s keeps us on track and heading in the right direction. 

I wish you a happy summer solstice and may your light shine brightly for the rest of 2021!


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