Gents, this one is for you! Why you should consider a Yoga retreat and your FAQ’s answered.


When it comes to yoga, men are often sceptical and think that it will never live up to a heavy weight lifting session, but yoga actually has more physical and mental benefits than you may think.

It’s brilliant for increasing muscle tone and strength, as you use your own body weight as resistance. Yoga can also help to improve flexibility and balance which aids you in other areas of sport and fitness, in the long term.

If you’re in a high-pressure job or have a busy day-to-day life, yoga is a brilliant way of relieving stress as you focus on your breathing and controlled movements.

Knowing this, you may now be considering starting yoga practice and what better way than to attend a yoga retreat. A retreat is a great way to practice intensive yoga and introduce it to your regular workout. Take a break from your busy schedule, work closely with your instructor to develop your skills and engage in meditation and mindfulness.

On a Tranquillité retreat, everyone is welcome and with so many benefits, there’s no better time to book than right now. You can click here to view the full list of retreats in 2019. Before you do, we understand some of you guys may still be unsure, or may have a few questions so here are the answers to the most common FAQ’s:

Everyone else will be able to do all the poses, but I’ve got no flexibility. Won’t I look silly? 

We have had men of all ages on our retreats, including a gentleman who was in his 60’s and had never done yoga before. Since our retreat, he has taken it up as a regular hobby. We cater for all levels and ensure nobody feels foolish or isolated in classes. Yoga is also not just about being flexible and men often thrive during movements that require more strength and balance.

Yoga is for women, should I still come?

Yoga has been practiced by men for centuries. In Eastern cultures, yoga has historically been dominated by men. Only since yoga came to the west has it been perceived as a female dominated activity. However, things have now started to catch up in the west, with men of all backgrounds realising the immense benefits yoga practice can bring. High profile sports stars have highlighted the positive impact it has had on their careers. It is no common practice in training programmes for most athletes including footballers, boxers, swimmers, runners, cyclists and rugby players.

Isn’t the food on a retreat just juices and lentils and no ‘proper food’?

Our food is home-made and wholesome, whilst still being nutritious. We include eggs, fish and lean meats on our menu and have a supply of local beer and wine for you to enjoy during your stay. None of our guests have ever complained of being hungry!

Yoga is too slow and boring, should I just stick to a more intense exercise?

Many men are surprised by how tough yoga can be. Our morning sessions involve dynamic, flowing movements that require strength and stability. Most of you will get a sweat on! For those of you who still want more intense exercise we have bikes available, roads perfect for running, plus a small selection of gym equipment so you can fit in a workout.

If you’ve any more questions feel free to contact us or book your retreat straight away.

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