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Here comes the sun…


4 Questions to ask yourself this Summer Solstice The solstice which is the longest day of the year and marked as the 21st June is a time when we stop and reflect over the past 6 months. The word solstice means standing still and this is exactly what it’s asking us to do. Many of us […]

Autumn has arrived…


The Autumn Equinox marks the ending of summer, the season of heat in Ayurveda (known as Pitta element) and the beginning of autumn, the season of air (known as the vata element). Here we transition from the warmth of sunshine and light to cooler darker days. It’s a time to slow down and draw inwards, […]

If you can’t go outside, go inside…


With everything that’s going on at the moment, we understand some of you may be missing your yoga classes, workshops and retreats. So, we thought we’d bring them to you! Maria, Tranquillité’s yoga instructor holds two weekly live yoga sessions you can join in with for just £4. Join her, Monday’s at 6pm and Wednesdays […]

Why Yoga is so good for your Mental Health


Yoga is a practice of poses and breathing techniques designed to strengthen and balance the body and the mind. We have previously identified that yoga boasts numerous physical benefits including increased strength and flexibility. Yoga is also fantastic for helping your mental health, as you zone in on the present and focus on your breathing. Yoga for […]

Why you should always eat your greens…..


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