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Learn to Relax


LEARN TO RELAX Yoga Kriya – Action with an outcome. Learn to relax and return to your natural state of calm. By Maria Kelly Yoga Instructor & Co-Founder of Tranquillite Retreats We live in stressed out times, bombarded with stimuli on what to eat, wear and think, rushing around for work and families, not to mention […]

6 Yoga Poses For Runners


6 YOGA POSES FOR RUNNERS BY YOGA INSTRUCTOR MARIA KELLY 6 simple yoga poses to help runners. Inspired by my husband’s recent marathon achievement I thought I’d offer a few simple postures to incorporate into your training schedule. Yoga when practiced regularly and with the correct breathing techniques can improve postures, flexibility and circulation. The […]

Quit the fat loss obsession??


I was recently speaking to one of my clients about his fantastic progress since taking up exercise. During our chat, the point that struck me most was him saying he has never been concerned with losing weight or improving his appearance. He started improving his lifestyle purely because he was fed up of feeling fed […]

Learn About Your Body


If you are new to exercise, haven’t exercised for years, or recently started exercising and are struggling to stick with it, then please continue reading……. There are so many different reasons for getting involved in exercise, but today I am going to focus on one major benefit and that is ‘becoming more aware of your […]

10 key points to getting in good shape


Some of you will no doubt have just endured your last gruelling weekend of ‘dry January’, or are feeling guilty after quitting your health related new year resolutions. Some will already be forming the attitude of ‘sod it, I’ll wait until the spring now and get in shape for summer’. It’s a common cycle that […]

Three Simple steps to a calmer life


Step 1. Take a deep breath…. Breathing – it’s simple enough, we do it all the time and without much thought. This automatic breathing will get you through the day sure enough, however deep conscious breathing will lead you to a place of inner calm helping to deal with stress and the effects this has […]

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