Autumn has arrived…


The Autumn Equinox marks the ending of summer, the season of heat in Ayurveda (known as Pitta element) and the beginning of autumn, the season of air (known as the vata element).

Here we transition from the warmth of sunshine and light to cooler darker days. It’s a time to slow down and draw inwards, an important time for nurturing and self care. Although many of us fear the darkness this really is an opportunity to look after ourselves building strength and resilience to survive the harsh winter months and conserving our energy for the Spring.

The Equinox is a pivotal point where day and night are equal and where we can pause and observe the change of seasons. As we feel the air begin to change let’s welcome this as a time to become still and look back over the last 6 months since the spring equinox in March. A time for reflection, new beginnings, and gratitude for all we have.

Consider how Autumn is a time for harvesting and gathering in – perhaps ask yourself what you have learnt and acquired over this period. What do you vision for the time ahead as we move toward the winter solstice and to support this vision what is it that you can transform or release before moving forward, what is it that is no longer working for you?

The autumn equinox also symbolises balance, so ask yourself what areas of my life do not feel in harmony and what can I do to change this? How can I create a deeper sense of equilibrium in my life. Once you have obtained equilibrium, check that your intentions are in line with your overall purpose (known as Dharma). Finally ask yourself “what is it that I’m truly grateful for”?

This year the Autumn Equinox is celebrated on Tuesday 22nd September. Take some time to create space, make a journal of all that has happened and consider how you envision change. Harvest the fruits of your labour and take stock of what you have achieved during the spring and summer months. Think about how you can use this time during autumn to take care of yourself to rest and release, eventually re-emerging when the light returns in the spring 🍃

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