5 reasons you should try a yoga retreat at least once in your life


Have you often thought about going on a yoga retreat but never got around to it? There’s no better time to book than right now.

As well as the obvious benefits including getting to know your instructor, receiving guidance on your yoga practice, and improving your yoga abilities there are numerous other great benefits.


1. You’ll delve deeper into your yoga practice

At home, it can be difficult to practice yoga regularly if your schedule is full of other commitments. When you’re on a retreat it is likely you will attend one or two classes daily. This gives you a chance to develop your progress and you should see results more quickly.


2. You’ll detox digitally

So many of our jobs now require us to be on call 24/7 and even if this is not the case we often find ourselves checking our social media profiles or browsing the web several times a day. On a yoga retreat, you are surrounded by a beautiful and peaceful environment allowing you to get back to the basics.

Not all retreats completely ban the use of technology whilst you are there, so it’s up to you to make the most of your time away and to take a break from all of your digital devices.


 3. You’ll connect with new people

 Yoga retreats tend to attract like-minded people who have similar interests. Whether you go alone or with a friend, you’re guaranteed to meet and build relationships with people from all around the world. Not only this, it’s likely you have similar goals of what you want to achieve from your time away. You’ll be able to support each other and surround yourself with positive energy, whilst you’re there.


 4. You’ll feel refreshed and reconnect with yourself

We often spend our lives taking care of others, and very rarely do we stop and take time out for ourselves. A retreat gives you the space you deserve to take time out from the chores of everyday life. The ancient practices of yoga and meditation will help you connect to your true self, giving you time to fully relax, refresh and de-stress.


5. You’ll broaden your horizons

Most retreats are held in picturesque, secluded locations up in the hills, in the countryside or overlooking the beach. During your retreat, you’ll have opportunities to explore these peaceful locations with the new people you’ve met, so you won’t miss out on social interactions.


If we’ve changed your perspective on retreats, and you’re wondering where to book, Tranquillité offers health retreats in France and the UK.

Choose from the remote and rural landscape of the English countryside or opt for the historic Dordogne region of France with its never-ending sunflower fields.

All retreats are focus on regaining a healthy balance with yoga, healthy eating, massages, walking and lots of time to relax.

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