Tranquillite Retreats

Yoga, Fitness and Wellbeing

Set within the beautiful grounds of converted French farm and surrounded by rolling fields of sunflowers and vineyards, Tranquillite Retreat is the perfect relaxing getaway for all Yoga lovers and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Our aim here at Tranquillite Retreats is to bring you close to nature and remind you how much fulfillment can be gained from the simple things in life.

Most of us lead busy, hectic and stressful lives, constantly surrounded by artificial temptations created by technology and industry. This can often lead to an obsession with money, status and belongings taking us away from our true values and who we really are.

Tranquillite Retreats will allow you to switch off from your hectic lives and enjoy basic pleasures such as exercise, outdoor living, healthy nutritious food and good company.

“I loved the area, as soon as I got out of the car I felt relaxed. After doing the bike ride I noticed there was miles of area to do hikes or rides.

The quality of food exceeded my expectations. I’m a typical meat and two veg fussy eater who refused to eat loads of stuff when I was young. However, the food was excellent, I really enjoyed every meal and felt like I was eating healthily.

You were top hosts, it felt like being with mates and I forgot a couple of times that you were actually working.”

Paul, Previous Customer